A Twitter bot to share your kindle highlights
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A Twitter bot to share your kindle highlights
Published in April 2021
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When reading both digital and physical books I make lots of highlights. I use an app called readwise to capture my highlights from various sources. The app then sends me a daily email with various highlights selected for me to review.
This is a pretty neat system and a good workflow to review highlights from books, articles, pdfs, and other sources. I don’t always end up checking my email though so I’m not as regular as I would like to be when reviewing my highlights.
I tried to solve this problem by creating a Twitter bot that grabs my highlights from readwise.io and publishes them to a dedicated Twitter account. I can then follow this Twitter account from my personal Twitter account and my Twitter feed will now be populated by my very own book highlights.
I spend a lot of time on Twitter, so reviewing my own highlights on my Twitter feed enriches my Twitter experience and makes it more likely I read them. This has definitely been the case since I’ve started doing this.
Another benefit to this approach is that my Twitter followers can follow my book highlights as well! It’s a good way to share your highlights with your followers.
Here is the bot I created from my highlights: @_BookHighlights. A bot grabs a random highlight from Readwise and publishes it to this Twitter account every 20 minutes.
I built a product that lets you do the same. Checkout https://thebookbot.co.
Some sample tweets from my book bot: